Sunday, July 6, 2014

ink doodle

I normally dont take pics of the ink drawings Ive done, all the new ones have been sent out (decorated stationery) but here is one I thought I'd take a pic of, cuz I'd like to make an oil painting of her sometime...

Sunday, June 29, 2014

child's Secretary redone

when I first got this little Secretary it had navy and rust houndstooth velvet *glued* to the entire surface, shudder!  There is still some inside the drawer but it's in rather bad shape so I will just recover it with another fabric. But the item itself was what I was after! I then painted it red and it lived in my kitchen for awhile, but now in the new house I gave it a different paintjob to match the Violin Armoire  so using those colors and theme, here it is. Forgive my pics, my fon is not the best camera and my real camera is still lost in my horse pasture despite efforts to find it :(   Since these pics were taken I found some glass antique drawer pulls for the drawer and it looks very elegant with letters and inks displayed, so I will store extras in it because my other secretary is the workhorse I use lol.  

Saturday, May 17, 2014

a new series

This is the first of 12 paintings with this theme, and is titled "the January Sidhe" 24x36 oil on canvas. 8 hours done. I used my Arab cross Dusty as the model for the horse lol- Im sure it'd go right to his head to learn he's in a painting with a fairy lady lol.



this is the lastest, and with building a new house, moving, CNA course to better enable me to take care of my inlaws as they age, and managing the farm- whew, hasnt been much time for painting!! But I couldnt stand it anymore and these are what happened at the easel a few weeks ago...
 7x20" oil on canvas.this took an hour since it was so small but I like how sassy she looks lol. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Updating! Oil paintings of 2013 by Kathleen Frederick

Here are the oil paintings I got to do this year, mostly over a short time in the summer when farming and fair hadnt taken over my life lol. All images copyright @ Kathleen Frederick    First up is "Swan Lake" 24x 36.

Next is "Luke's Pride" 24x36 custom order by my son ;)

 8x8" "Grizzly Bear" done just cuz I had a bunch of leftover brown paint
  "The Triumph" 24x36 illustration from a story I am writing. If you have a sharp eye, the Gypsy's horse has my Twista's markings lol. Why not lol.

  Self portrait "My Girls" of my horse Pheonix, myself, and my dog Roxi just cuz Ive always wanted one of them 

  and finally a tv armoire! I bought it at a garage sale for $25 and gave it a facelift so I can store my violins in it. Now it looks like a french armoire instead of a tv cupboard lol. I did like painting the roses, that was a new experiment for me

updating the art!! Watercolors of 2013 by Kathleen Frederick

I had a rather good year this round for painting, so have lots of pics to add in! For starters, I had alot of fun playing with watercolors, a new medium for me since Im primarily into oil painting. I love doodling and drawing mermaids, so I thought why not add some color to them. All pics copyright @ Kathleen Frederick